Traditional Joinery Works and Repair

Lindisfarne Castle Ticket Office

Our experience and expertise in the repair of traditional joinery fabric is extensive. Whether this is by careful sympathetic repairs to sash windows or new work such as traditional English oak doors to churches, our joiners are capable of the most sensitive of repairs.

Several of our recent contracts have involved repairs to existing structural floor beams and roof timbers where traditional joinery techniques have been combined with the use of modern materials such as stainless steel and resins to form scarf joints and splices that satisfy the needs of both the structural engineers and conservation architects.

We recently restored the castle gates at Prudhoe Castle, which had previously been removed and laid in storage for over 30 years. The gates were repaired using a combination of the original timbers supplemented with new green oak. Most of the original handmade wrought iron nails were refurbished, and pins with traditional oak dowels used to fasten the old mortice and tennon joints back together. Traditional animal glue and modern day resins were used to bond joints and boards together.

The use of rare hardwoods is not unusual, and traditional secret-fixing techniques are often employed to match the original historic fabric.

Two of our senior managers are time-served joiners with over 15 years’ experience in the repair and restoration of historic buildings, both with English Heritage and Historic Property Restoration Ltd, so we are often able to advise on repair techniques as well as practical site issues.

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