Structural Stabilisation

Historic Property Restoration has been asked to carry out repairs to many ancient monuments and listed buildings where structural stabilisation has been required. The reasons for the need to strengthen complete buildings or individual walls and prevent masonry toppling can vary and include, ground settlement, frost penetration, mortar failure or even lightning strikes. All can cause severe structural damage if nature is left to its own devices.

We have used a number of proprietary systems to stabilise structures when carrying out repairs to arches, parapet walls and crenellations including Cintec Anchors and proprietary stainless steel cramps and ties and we are a registered and accredited installer of Cintec Anchor systems. Often these are discrete, concealed systems with little showing on the outer façade of a building to suggest they have been installed.

However on occasion a more radical approach is required and a good example of this is Furness Abbey (initial works pictured above) where HPR have worked with English Heritage structural engineers and installed bespoke steelwork frames during a programme of repairs to underpin this scheduled ancient monument.

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