St Lawrence's Church Warkworth

The PCC of Warkworth
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Dear HPR Team, Many thanks on a personal level for all your work. It has been a pleasure to work with you on this job. I realise it isn't a big job for you but it has been for us in the Parish Council. I believe the success in the HPR team is the team of people you have who have worked with HPR for a long time. You certainly know your specialist subject matter very well. A lot of people are making very positive comments about your work, & the way in which you respected the village itself whilst you were here, causing minimal disruption. Sorry I wasn't here on the last day to say thank you personally. We are looking to put in place a rolling programme of works on the churchyard wall & will be liaising with you on this. Thank you all again, please pass my comments on to all involved.
Rod Galilee - St Lawrence's Church Client Representative

Historic Property Restoration Ltd Partners

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