Ayton Castle, Scarborough

Scarborough Borough Council
Architect/Client Representative: 
David Sheriff Architects, York
Contract Value: 

The ruins of Ayton Castle are situated in West Ayton near Scarborough and the site is Grade 1 listed and a scheduled Ancient Monument. The present structure which is a Peel Tower dates from the late Fourteenth Century and was owned by the De Ayton family. It was last occupied in the late 1600’s and fell into ruin over succeeding centuries eventually being purchased by Scarborough Borough Council in 1930.

Repairs to the uppermost masonry of the east and south walls were carried out by HPR in 2006 for English Heritage as the structure was on its “at risk register”. Internal and external repointing and consolidation of the wall tops was carried out, with the exposed corework of the walls rebuilt to provide a water shedding cap.

Historic Property Restoration Ltd Partners

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