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Britain is fortunate to have many fine examples of Historic Parks and Gardens. At Historic Property Restoration Ltd we have been proud to be associated with the repair and restoration of a number of the architectural set pieces so important to these gardens or parklands.

Follies, temples and eye catchers have all been restored by the company. Recent work at Brodsworth Hall included the restoration of the rock garden and fern dell. This project highlights the need to understand the ‘language’ of such gardens. Despite incorporating a large proportion of new stone retaining walls, planting beds and associated items such as railings it is still the fantastic fern collection that quite rightly catches the eye. New electric cables, pumps and water supplies were brought in to enable the working restoration of a cascade. Such sensitive work was achieved by close working with the architect and gardeners, truly a team effort.

On a grander scale we have been involved in the restoration of fountains and statuary and on a simpler level have repaired or re-laid paths. Another area of work is in the restoration of urban parks, particularly those of the Victorian period.

We are happy to work as main contractor or specialist sub-contractor.

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