Furness Abbey Presbytery underpinning phase 2 to start in May 2014

The trench excavation below the level of the supporting steelwork frame

English Heritage have awarded HPR Ltd the second phase of works for the underpinning of the masonry walls of the Presbytery at Furness Abbey in Barrow in Furness. The £330K phase of works will commence in May and be completed in October 2014.

Routine inspections have revealed serious cracks and movement in the walls of the Presbytery resulting from the use of large pieces of oak by the medieval masons to support the ashlar stone of the structure which is lying on top of rubble foundations. Not surprisingly after 500 years the timber is gradually rotting away allowing the masonry above to sink and the walls to lose their structural integrity.

HPR successfully completed the phase 1 works in 2013.

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