Cintec Structural Anchors

St. Bartolomew's Church, Kirkwhelpington

Historically, the structural failure of buildings often resulted in the need for quite extensive, and costly, re-building works. However, the patented Cintec Anchor System now provides an alternative less invasive and far more cost effective solution to the structural problems we regularly encounter in historic structures.

There are many different types of Cintec Anchor to suit various alternative applications – larger anchors can be used to create an effective ring beam, or where the inside and outside of a wall has lost its bond and the corework has dropped, smaller anchors can be used to invisibly tie the inside and outside faces of the wall back together. With pattress plates and bolted connections or angle cleats also able to be incorporated into the manufacture of the anchors, the possible applications are very wide ranging.

As a trained and certified installer of the patented Cintec Anchor System, Historic Property Restoration Ltd is fully qualified to provide technical advice and to carry out the installation of Cintec Anchors – although our English Heritage background ensures we always keep one eye firmly fixed on maintaining the essential sympathetic approach required during the restoration of historic buildings.

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